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Recruiting Headline covers the launch of SwitchBoard.

PHILADELPHIA and TORONTO, October 3, 2018 – In response to a rising demand for programmatic advertising technology in talent acquisition, JobAdX launches Switchboard Inventory Management, enabling job boards & aggregators to apply benefits like real-time bidding, dynamic delivery, and candidate targeting to all inbound job feeds from one platform.

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Ultimate List of Programmatic Recruitment Platforms

In 2018 there is definitely no more space for “Post and Pray” recruitment strategy. As they say, data is the new gold and it’s mandatory to use it while choosing the jobs ads distribution channels.

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Recroup Launches JobAdX, Aims to Be ‘Google AdSense for Jobs'

You know how job postings tend to deteriorate over time? When jobs first get published, there’s no lack of applicants. After a few days and weeks, traffic sometimes falls off a cliff.

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Chad and Cheese Podcast

Two CEO’s No Waiting – Thad Price w/ Talroo & Amit Chauhan w/ JobAdX

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Today on The Weekly Dose I review the programmatic job ad platform JobAdx. JobAdx is one of a handful of new platforms on the market that talent acquisition teams can utilize to run their own digital job advertising.
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Real Time Bidding Powers Up Job Postings

Scientists use it to describe resistance bulb thermometers. Special Forces teams use it to signal a return to base. For corporate and staffing firm recruiters, however, the acronym RTB means real time bidding.
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JobAdX Seeks Job Board Publishers

If you run a job board, JobAdX wants to chat with you about becoming part of their job ad marketplace. I call their new platform the ‘Adsense for jobs‘.

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JobAdx at HRTech Pitchfest – Las Vegas/2018

David Withmarsh interviews JobAdX CEO, Amit Chauhan

Amit Chauhan, CEO w/Chad&Cheese SHRM-Talent Interview Segment

JobAdX Webinar with Chris Russell

JobADX presenting at JobG8 Innov8 Showcase

JobAdX @ Programmatic Job Advertising LeaderShip Summit
JobAdx's Best Practices Staffing Leaders - StaffingTec TV

JobAdX launching LiveAlerts & SwitchBoard at TA Tech, Fall Congress 2018

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