JobAdX is pleased to announce the naming of Tim Hawk as our new Vice President of Sales. Tim will be responsible for leading sales in the U.S.

He joins us from Jobalign, an hourly worker job market technology provider. He’s also held previous positions at industry players such as Brazen and SimplyHired.

We asked Tim to answer a few questions about himself to help you get to know him better.

Who is Tim Hawk?

I grew up in Pittsburgh and moved to DC after college to work for Bernard Hodes Group, which has now become Symphony Talent. After 20 years of dealing with snow and pollen allergies in the nation’s capital, serving in a variety of recruitment roles and meeting/marrying my husband, we moved to Palm Springs about 8 months ago. A 3-day drive across the country with a cat that suffers from motion-sickness is a story for a different time. We’re enjoying the sun, palm trees and exploring southern California.

What prompted you to join JobAdx?

Last year, at the TATech Fall Congress in Denver, I heard Amit speak on a panel and did some research into what his team was doing then. A friend introduced us a few months later and suggested we chat about JobAdX and the team’s work on the platform. I was struck immediately by his passion for the industry and technology as well as
his desire to make that technology even more cutting-edge, more efficient for the advertiser, more profitable for the publishing partners and most of all, a better candidate experience. I was hooked at that point and knew JobAdX was the right place for me.

What have you learned about attracting candidates during your time in the industry?

The speed of technological change and candidate preferences are pushing the industry forward from different angles. I started in the industry when print advertisements in the Sunday newspaper were 90% of our focus. Now, the industry has evolved to a point where apps initially created for selfie sharing have become part of the candidate
attraction and interaction mix. We need to continually adapt in order to attract the best candidates.

You were at SimplyHired when they got acquired by Indeed, what was that experience like?

Most of us were out in the field working with clients and blissfully unaware anything was brewing in relation to the acquisition. Late on a Friday evening, just prior to a 3 day weekend, we were given the news. I was fortunate in that my team was one of the last to remain working with clients because I was on the Agency side of things. We continued working with budget reallocations and refunds until the last day. It was an odd time with 14+ hour days because clients were consoling me at the same time I was attempting to explain the benefits of altering spends to maximize their clients’ exposures as other advertisers were pulling their campaigning. That feels like 100 years ago at this point.

What excites you most about programmatic ad buying?

I mentioned the speed of change earlier and that is what I find really fascinating. I believe we’ll look back on these innovations, and firms like JobAdX, as offering the tools which revolutionized online campaigning. It feels incredible to be on the forefront of those developments.

Tim can be reached at or follow him on twitter @timshawk