JobAdX Optimize

Job advertise on the channels you want, within the results that you need. Risk-free.

What's Optimize?

Job ads where you want them.

A hands-on approach to creating custom job advertising campaigns. Manage where your job ads go, while we make sure it reaches your goal.
  • Optimize

How it works

Simple Set-up

Connect jobs through an ATS, XML or an URL to your career site to scrape. Create campaigns to keep organized.

Set Rules

Create rules to automate your campaign management, based on your goals.

Select Channels

Choose from 100’s of job sites from our marketplace or invite the once you want to work with few clicks.

Review performance

Access performance data and make adjustments where needed.

Optimize Programmatic Lite

Because job advertising doesn’t need to be complicated.

JobAdX aims to take the “process” out of job advertising. That’s why we’ve built Optimize to pack a punch in 4-steps, suited for recruiting teams of any size.

Join our squad of forward-thinkers in improving Job Advertising


Campaign Creation 101

A look into what job advertising data has been telling us about candidate audiences and how to build your campaign’s success from it.

Keys to a strong campaign

Learn the signs and strategies to keep your campaign performing at its best.
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