Job Advertising is Changing
And we are changing it.

JobAdX brings the one of most advanced digital advertising technology with Pay Per Applicant model. Our goal is to empower employers to advertise jobs more dynamically using the power of Real Time Job Delivery.

What is RTD?

Real Time Delivery!!!

We are introducing Real Time Job Delivery with JobAdX. No more job posting and waiting for result, we deliver jobs to candidates only when and where they are looking.

Real Time Delivery

No more post and pray. With RTD your jobs are dynamically placed on over 1000’s of our publisher sites in real time triggered by a candidates search.

Performance Oriented

With JobAdX you can choose what advertising strategy works for you. Create performance based campaigns with our Pay Per Applicant model.

Job Always on Top

Tired of seeing your job slips to 2nd or 3rd pages in just one day. Not any more, with JobAdX your jobs will always be on the top of the search results getting you more unique applicants.

Candidate Tracking

With our advanced candidate tracking we make sure that your jobs are shown to new job seekers across our publisher network.

Transform your job advertising strategy.

JobAdX empower employers to advertise jobs same way brands have advertised products for decades. Real time analytics, self optimizing campaigns and audience segmentation ensure that you get the best results.

Getting Started

Install Magic Pixel

The first step is to install our “Magic Pixel” on your career website. Once the pixel is installed we can automatically import all the active jobs and tracks the campaign performance.

Set Up Campaign

Quickly set up your campaigns with the job you want to advertise, select your daily, weekly or monthly budget. Select your desired strategy for CPA, CPC or CPM.

Turn on AutoPilot

That’s it. Now turn our Autopilot mode on and relax while JobADX advertise your jobs to unique job seeker on our vast publisher network.


Built to perform.

Programmatic job advertising doesn’t need to be complex or confusing. This is why at JobAdX we have focused on building a platform thats easy to use by recruiting teams for a company of any size.

Unique Audience

With our advanced candidate tracking your jobs are never repeated to an existing candidate and keep the traffic fresh and unique.

Self Optimized

We have built AI algorithms to understand where you are getting more candidates from and automatically bid higher for those publisher placements.

Frequency Capping

Cap how many times someone should see your jobs making your budget go longer and reaching more unique job seekers.

Flexible Budgeting

Fix your own daily, weekly or monthly budget for one job or whole category. Our platform is flexible to allow you to choose a job advertising strategy that works for you.

Advanced Scheduling

Choose what time of the day or day of the week you want your job ads to run. Have a total control of your campaign schedule and get most out of your spend.

Real Time Analytics

Data is most crucial for advertising and it’s even more critical in case of Real Time Bidding. With our real time analytics you can track your campaign performance in real time.

Higher Reach

Reach more unique candidates with our fast growing publisher network. Our network includes top job boards, high quality career website etc.

No Risk

The best thing about our platform is that there is no risk to try. With our Pay Per Applicant model you only pay for results.

Still not convinced?

Start a risk free trial!!!

With our Pay Per Applicant model you can test the most advanced recruitment advertising platform at no risk at all.

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