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Copy of Boo to boring job ads (4)

You’ve heard a lot of buzz around how ‘recruiters need to start thinking like marketers to stand out’. You’ve got an informative career site, a seamless candidate experience, great reviews, and a solid social presence. But are all of these channels conveying your culture, vision, and expectations effectively? We’re going to share how you can take action now to immediately improve your recruiting strategy through videos!

With video, your story stands out from the first impression. Whether you’re giving a walk-through of your workplace or introducing a hiring manager, video creates a visual connection. Best of all, it’s never been easier to make authentic, attractive video content!

Now that you’ve got some great videos, you’ve got to know where to post them. Social media? Definitely. YouTube? Sure. But if you really want to reach active job seekers, interactive video job ads are the best new way to do that.

Join us to learn more about how video can help you stand out amongst a sea of boring flat-text job ads!



• Understand how job seekers behave in this content-heavy era and stay up-to-date on the best channels to reach your candidates

• Learn why you need video, what makes a GREAT video, what the production process is like, and what channels put your video to best use

• Ask Elena and Isabelle about how you can apply new methods to overcome recruiting challenges

• Receive a downloadable recruitment video cheat sheet that’ll take your job ads from simple to stellar!



Elena Valentine, Co-Founder

Skill Scout

Elena loves helping companies showcase their jobs in a dynamic and exciting way. Elena guides companies through the process of using video to highlight what is great about their work culture, and to boost their attractiveness to potential job seekers.

Isabelle Kent, VP of Growth


Isabelle believes that there’s a right fit for every candidate when it comes to workplace culture. Coming from recruiting and communications, she encourages employers to build a brand that shouts their ethos if they want to attract the right talent. Her team at JobAdX improves job search by enhancing targeting and delivery of job ads, much how consumer AdTech has done for nearly two decades.