Simply put, programmatic job advertising is software that buys, places and optimizes your advertising dollars across multiple job sites. It is “smarter” job distribution. Job sites typically include the major ones such as Indeed, Ziprecruiter, Glassdoor, etc. And in the case of JobAdX we also have a number of niche sites that participate in our network.


Programmatic software takes your job feed and distributes those jobs across sites like Indeed, Jobs2Careers, ZipRecruiter, etc according to the rules and budget set by the employer.

In most cases, users have the ability to set logic-based rules that govern the way the platform spends and distributes jobs. These rules are based on If/Then statements such as these examples;

  • If my marketing job in Boston has less than 10 applicants, then increase bid to $1.70 on Indeed.
  • If any of my jobs have a conversion rate less than 2%, then decrease my bid to $0.30 on Jobs2Careers.
  • If my customer service job gets 60 applicants, then stop spending.

FYI: CPA = cost per application || CPC = cost per click


  • Better ROI – you can make your job advertising more efficient by letting the software optimize your spend.
  • Your ad dollars will be evenly distributed to jobs that need it and ones that don’t.
  • You get insight into exactly how much it costs to fill certain positions and plan your future budgets.
  • Saves time by minimizing the need to constantly monitor your spend.