Our Journey

Amit Chauhan & the founders of Recroup, a social media advertising company, started JobAdX in November 2017 after recognizing that long-standing consumer advertising technology could be applied to job advertising to address many of the challenges recruiters and job seekers were facing.


We believe the candidate is your most important end client – whether you’re a recruiter, a job board, or a talent platform. By enhancing their search experience through improved targeting, increased engagement, and the reduction of ‘spam’, employers can find talent that fits and fill their jobs faster at less cost.

Innovating delivery of video job ads

Being visual creatures ourselves, we took another page out of the AdTech playbook by becoming the first exchange to offer in-description video job advertising across our entire network. Increased engagement without the redirect made for fewer steps between ‘job seeker’ and ‘new team member’.

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We’re proud of the work we do to advance job search. We’re sure you will be too.