All-in-one job advertising

One tool to analyze and manage the entire job advertising process.

Why Programmatic?

Because recruiting is about people and engagement.
It’s more important than ever to have your job advertising focus on attracting relevant candidates while you handle hiring them.

JobAdX is the Lightweight Tool for Heavy-Duty Job Ads

Built on consumer adtech to stay candidate-driven throughout the entire process.

Performance job advertising just got easier.


Fit to match your workflow

Whether you want granular control or to set things on autopilot, your job ads follow a set of rules to create the best results.
Hundreds of job sites focused on your goal.

Learn which ones best for you

  • Exchange
  • Optimize

3 Steps to Smarter Job Advertising

Simple Set-up

Connect jobs through an ATS or a URL to your career site to scrape. Create campaigns to keep organized.

Set your rules

Pick your channels, budget and conversion goals.

Review performance

Pick your channels, budget and conversion goals.

More talent attraction with less

Hiring is a heavy enough job.

Our Programmatic Lite approach makes job advertising a simple and accessible task for hiring teams of any size.


Job-Level Data


Intuitive Rules


Centralized Reports


Multiple Channels

Join our squad of forward-thinkers in improving Job Advertising


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Two Paths of Programmatic

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