JobAdX Exchange

Job distribution that targets thousands of relevant candidates. All at one place.

What's an Exchange?

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Jobs Ads on Auto-Pilot

Advertising based on candidates whose keyword search best much with your job ad. Staying job seeker focused and channel-bias free, all automatically.

How it works

Easy Set-up

Upload your jobs via XML feed or a spreadsheet. Here’s a template for format.

Create a campaign

Set target cost per applicant and no. of applicants. We will do the rest.

Review conversions

As candidates engage, make adjustments to maintain visibility.

A look into the Exchange

Breaking down real-time data of what candidates are looking for.

With all the applies, clicks and impressions, get a preview of how different industries and their audiences are interacting with job ads.

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What do you mean a Job Ad Exchange?

Breaking down what exactly a job ad exchange, does and how it works. Find answers to what happens to your job ads and who this is ideal for.

Keys to a strong campaign

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