BlogJustifying Job Videos To Your Boss

From Netflix, Youtube and our Facebook Feeds, videos have come a long way to even being used on career pages to interact with job seekers. We all love videos because they’re beyond fun and engaging, so it only makes sense for them to be the future of recruitment marketing and communication.

We all know the standard format of employer branding and recruitment videos, so we put together a list of taste-breaking recruiting and company culture videos that are sure to mix things up. Check out how these companies cleverly show off their values, people and benefits to really connect with their audience.

1. Working at Dropbox

Our first choice in the list of best recruitment videos. These muppets speak for themselves! An unorthodox approach to a generic company video. It’s an unexpected element that keeps you enticed to hear what they say, and excited to see the next puppet iteration. Muppets perfectly represent their easy-going and friendly culture without having to explicitly say so. What an awesome way to stand out.

2. Fiverr: Another Generic Recruitment Video

A ridiculously accurate description of a typical company video that turns a funny jab into a pretty heroic catchphrase. You can’t help but laugh at the honest narrative about the predictable aspects of a culture video that Fiverr highlights. They make a justified point about how recruitment videos tend to be the same. It’s motivating to make sure the content we put out should be creative and showcase what truly makes us unique. Bravo.

3. This is Zendesk

Zendesk takes viewers on a tour of their headquarters and everything that makes up its people and culture. They include the entire surrounding, starting from outside the office to then each department all while being shown in a heartwarming ‘family’ style. It builds up with each new shot showcasing who they are, what they do and what to expect if you join their team. It’s a very serene way of showing all aspects of their culture and their direction as a company that really develops a compelling case to be a part of their crew. With some light jokes and a minimal amount of showing off, it does a great job of showing a complete picture of their company for just 3 and a half minutes of your day.

4. Google Intern’s first week

The Google culture has been the gold standard for work cultures over the years, but this video shows a different perspective of the company. We see the different journey’s of interns and their first week joining Google. We’re introduced to the diverse backgrounds and skills of these interns, which shows audiences how open and welcoming they are when growing their team. We then get to know about the interns’ impressions and expectations going into Google, and what they’re going to contribute during their time there. It’s an excellent video for showing the many possibilities there are at Google in a more personal way that compels viewers to learn more about the intern’s story.

5. Augustus Media does ‘Friends’

An easy, fun and relatable video that could be made using your smartphone. This sort of video is perfect for companies of a small team that’s just trying to show you the members that make the company. It reminds us that you don’t need a high budget production to make an engaging and effective recruitment video. Creating this video was more than simple and a great team-building activity. It’ll go a long way as the company grows and they look back at this video. As a viewer, we get a positive impression of the company and the Friends theme song stuck in our heads.

6. Career Journey at McDonald’s

A video that literally puts you in the shoes of a McDonald’s employee and showing you the career journey hands-on. The first-person view this video takes on to show how the growth in responsibility working at McDonald’s is a pretty neat experience. We already have a good idea of what McDonald’s is, and we like how this video is oriented more towards you as job seeker rather than talking about the company we all know about.