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Think of us as the Google AdSense for jobs. JobAdX Exchange improves candidate targeting, maximizes revenue potential with automated auction-based ad buying, and delivers relevant jobs to native ad units for a seamless user experience.


The power of programmatic for email job alerts. Ensure the jobs you deliver to your subscribers are unique, relevant, and active, whether they’re opened on Day 1 or Day 20.


Powerful inventory management for job boards. Manage multiple feeds and apply our smart advertising capabilities to any ad unit or campaign, all from one platform.

Smarter Job Advertising with AI-powered Candidate Targeting

Optimized Candidate Targeting

Click Behavior

By understanding what jobs candidates are clicking and applying for, we customize search results to deliver more relevant jobs, increasing conversions and ROI for our advertisers.

Predictive Analysis

When we receive a search request for a broad keyword like “sales”, we’re able to anticipate the desired industry or seniority, delivering those results to the job seeker and improving their user experience

Advanced Tracking

To deliver truly unique jobs, we employ network-wide candidate tracking. This ensures job seekers do not see jobs that they’ve intentionally bypassed or already applied to on other partner sites

Reduced Redirects

We work with direct employers to send traffic where the job application is hosted, so there are fewer steps between a job seeker becoming a prospective candidate.


Happy job seekers make happy job sites

Our platform is designed to automate and optimize the job search experience, increasing engagement, improving conversions, and resulting in 30-40% more revenue for you.

Multiple Ad Units

Multiple Ad Units

We can manage a few ad units or your whole feed. You decide how many slots we should optimize.

Higher Revenue

Higher Revenue

With Real-Time Bidding, advertisers compete for placement and you maximize your revenue potential.

Real Time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

See performance data in real-time and generate daily, weekly, or monthly earnings reports.

Quality Control

Quality Control

Built-in quality controls like click-capping & apply-capping reduce duplicate applictions and promote unique impressions.

Automated Inventory

Automated Inventory

Our feeds are updated hourly to keep our inventory fresh and reduce expired job links.

Seamless User Experinece

User Experinece

Say goodbye to spammy banner ads! We deliver ads to 100% native in-deed ad units that match your site’s look & feel.

Self Optimizing

Optimized Targeting

Understanding behavior across other partner sites ensures ads on your site are targeted to improve conversions.

Quick Setup

Quick Setup

Setup is quick & easy. Simply install our script and we’ll take care of the rest.


Did you know...

Whether you’re an existing job board, an industry association, or a content provider looking to provide a job site for your readers, integrating with JobAdX is as easy as 1-2-3

Simple Risk-Free Setup

Install our JavaScript pixel or integrate with our API. We'll do the rest. Now you're ready to go live!

Our team works with you to understand your site, and recommend the best integration strategy.

Add your site to the dashboard and select CPC, CPA, or CPM, along with your minimum bids.

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