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CSV Job Upload


From the Jobs section of your Account dashboard you can upload your jobs via a CSV file. All files are validated before being entered into the system so you will need to ensure you correctly enter each field of your jobs.

Column Order

The CSV validation is order specific so please make sure you have each column in the right order. From first to last:

  1. title
  2. date
  3. identifier
  4. description
  5. organization
  6. url
  7. bid
  8. country
  9. job-type
  10. remote-type
  11. organization-data-policy-url
  12. city
  13. region
  14. postal-code
  15. salary
  16. salary-currency
  17. salary-type
  18. target-location
  19. country-wide
  20. region-wide
  21. employer
  22. industry
  23. category
  24. valid-through
  25. experience
  26. mobile-friendly
  27. media-url

NOTE: Even if not all columns are used make sure they are present in the CSV.

Column Format

An uploaded CSV file must have all its column values in the correct format. Please visit our field description page for details on what is allowable for each column value and make sure all your jobs are within those parameters.


For an example of a valid job you can download a sample CSV:

Sample Jobs


To get started quickly you can download a CSV template that has every heading in the correct order and you can just add your jobs.